Athletic Event

Little Dribblers Jamboree

4th Boys Hosted By St. Ignatius

Friday  4:30pm St. John Notre Dame vs St. Mary’s;  5:30pm St. John Vianney vs St. Ignatius;   6:30pm OLA vs Holy Spirit;   7:30 pm St. James Vs Holy Trinity

Saturday – 9am St. James vs St. Mary’s;  10am Holy Spirit vs St. John Vianney;  11am St. Ignatius vs St. John Notre Dame; 12pm OLA vs Holy Trinity;  1pm Holy Spirit vs St. Ignatius;  2pm St. Mary’s vs OLA;  3pm St. John Vianney vs Holy Trinity; 4pm St. James vs St. John Notre Dame

Sunday – 2pm St. John Notre Dame vs Holy Spirit; 3pm Holy Trinity vs St. Ignatius; 4pm St. John Vianney vs St. Mary’s; 5pm St. James vs OLA

4th grade girls at St. Mary’s

3rd grade girls at St. John Notre Dame


4pm St. John Notre Dame vs Sacred Heart

5pm Holy Spirit vs St. Ignatius

6pm St. Mary’s vs OLG

7pm St. John Notre Dame vs Holy Spirit


9am St. John Notre Dame vs St. Mary’s

10am St. Ignatius vs St. Mary’s

11am OLG vs Sacred Heart

12pm St. Ignatius vs OLG

1pm Sacred Heart vs Holy Spirit

2pm Holy Spirit vs St. Mary’s

3pm St. Ignatius vs Sacred Heart

4pm St. John Notre Dame vs OLG


1pm OLG vs Holy Spirit

2pm Sacred Heart vs St. Mary’s

3pm St. John Notre Dame vs St. Ignatius

4pm St. Mary’s vs OLG

Rules and modifications for 3rd and 4th grade. 

a. Regulation basketball rules. Basic basketball rules will be adhered to with certain exceptions. 

b. Regulation 10 foot baskets and a junior size 27.5 inch ball shall be used. 

c. An official will be scheduled for each game through the PAL assigning process. 

d. Man to man defense is required at all times within the half court of the offense.

            i. No double teaming at any time.

            ii. No pressing at any time.

 e. Game length

            i. The game will consist of four quarters: Each quarter will be 10 minute running time. The clock will stop on any time-out or player injury.              ii. 30 seconds in between quarters and a two minute half time.

            iii. Games must start promptly at the top of the hour.

            iv. Games must end promptly at five (5) minutes before the hour. f. Substitution

            i. Play will be stopped, when appropriate at the five minute mark of the quarter. A new five players must be substituted at this time. If there are less than ten (10) players on the team, all the players that are on the bench must be substituted in.

             ii. A new five must be substituted at the beginning of each quarter.

g. Time Outs   i. Each team will have two (2) 30 second time outs per half (no carry over)

 h. Foul modifications

              i. The free throw line mark used will be the official PAL JV Girls mark unless the player wishes to shoot from the regulation free throw line (player’s choice). 

              ii. A player fouled in the act of shooting will be awarded one point and must shoot a free throw for the other point.

              iii. If a player is fouled in the act of shooting and makes the basket, the team will be awarded two points for the basket and one point for the foul. There will be no free throw in this event.

              iv. All other common fouls will result in the ball out of bounds.

              i. The host team will provide a scoreboard and an official scorekeeper.

              i. Scorekeeper will keep track of individual player fouls and players can foul out.

              ii. Team fouls will not be kept. (See bonus rule above.) j.Uniforms

              i. Teams must have shirts or jerseys with a number.

 k. Mercy rule   i. A mercy rule will take effect when one team builds a lead of 20 points. At that point, play continues but baskets made by the leading team do not increase the margin. Score will not be kept either on the scoreboard or in the scorebook until the team that is behind scores to make the lead less than 20 points.

 l. All other rules will follow the same rules as PAL/High School Federation