Parent Club Handbook

On behalf of the entire St. Ignatius Parent Club, we are thrilled to welcome all of our new and returning school families to membership in one of the most important and memorable clubs you’ll ever join.  We invite you to get involved in the many exciting activities planned for our children, parents, teachers, parishioners and friends this school year!

Parent Club is the main fundraising organization for our school.  We make a fundraising commitment to keep the tuition at St. Ignatius as reasonable as possible, as well as to supplement the rising cost of education. Everyone with a child at St. Ignatius is automatically a member of Parent Club and we can’t be successful without you!  Through our fundraising efforts, we can provide significant financial contributions to the school to ensure St. Ignatius continues to provide an outstanding faith-based education.  Every hour you volunteer sets an important example for each of our children to share the many blessings which our Father has shared with us.

Thank you from all of us on the Parent Club Board for your dedication to making this school year the best year ever!  Join us on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm for our monthly Parent Club meetings, and please feel free to contact us anytime.  Go Tigers!

What is St. Ignatius Parent Club?

The St. Ignatius Parent Club is the primary fundraising organization of the school. It supports the spiritual, social, and educational forces of the home and school in a program of Catholic education. Parent Club consists of all families with students enrolled in TK through 8th grade.

How do I get involved?

Your involvement in your child’s education is vital.   At St. Ignatius School, we have many community-building and fundraising events sponsored by the St. Ignatius Parent Club.

This handbook provides a summary of the many volunteer opportunities available. This year’s Parent Club board is in place, and many committee members are already busy at work for the coming year.

Our 2020-21  fundraisers are: Annual Retail Fundraiser, Amazing GrapesBreakfast with Santa, Gala Live and Silent Auction, Fun Run, and Sees Candies.

To contact our fundraiser and event committee chairs, click here.

If you are not sure where or how to get involved, each event chair is happy to help. All sign ups for these fundraisers are online on SchoolSpeak.

How do I earn parent hours?

Each school family agrees to complete 35 hours of volunteer service between April 16, 2020 and April 15, 2021.  

Fundraising Hours:

You must complete 15 of your 35 hours of volunteer service on one of our Parent Club fundraisers.  It is important to understand that at least 10 of your 15 fundraising hours must be completed on a “Major” fundraising activity.

You may volunteer 5 hours or more on a “Fun”raiser. Any additional hours may be applied to your regular parent hours requirement.
Clean-up for every fundraising event earns DOUBLE FUNDRAISING HOURS (subject to event maximums).

Each family must volunteer 2 hours for the parish. These hours will count toward 35 hours of volunteer service but they will not count toward your 15 fundraising hours.

For every unearned hour, families will be assessed $50 per hour. Any “no show” will be assessed $50 per volunteer hour. It is your responsibility to check in with the volunteer coordinator of the event you are working.

Major Fundraisers 

There is no limit to the amount of fundraising or “regular” hours you may earn by volunteering to assist on a major fundraising activity.

Amazing Grapes    
Gala Event, Live and Silent Auction

“Fun” raisers 

Please note, you may earn a maximum of 5 fundraising hours by volunteering for these activities, unless you are the chair or co-chair of these events.  You may earn “regular” hours for these events, as well. 
Breakfast with Santa  

Fun Run

Annual Retail Fundraiser

See’s Candy

“Regular” Hours

While our Parent Club is responsible for major fundraisers and “fun” raisers, there are many other opportunities to become involved.  To achieve your 35 total volunteer hours, there are a wide range of non-fundraising activities.  These include:  driving on field trips, serving as a room parent, helping in the classroom, reading in the library, sharing your talent with our many student clubs, assisting the parish and a variety of activities which are announced throughout the school year.

Do remember however, at least 15 of your 35 volunteers hours must be related to a fundraiser.

Parish Hours

Each family must volunteer and complete 2 parish hours. Parish hours can be completed by serving at mass, volunteering for Sharing God’s Bounty, or working at a parish event.

How do I report parent hours?

If you signed up to volunteer through a volunteer calendar on SchoolSpeak those hours will be automatically logged for you. However, you must sign in at the event to get credit for the hours you worked.

In order to receive credit for the hours you complete for other volunteer opportunities that were not signed up through a volunteer calendar on SchoolSpeak, please log hours within 30 days of completion. There is a form on Schoolspeak for you to log these hours.

How do I complete my financial fundraising commitment?

In addition to performing volunteer service hours, each family must raise $350 for the school by participating in the wide range of Parent Club fundraisers.   You can meet this need by acquiring donations for the school, purchasing tickets to our fundraisers, sponsoring activities, donating your own gifts and prizes as they are requested by our committee leaders, and in many other ways throughout the year.

A full 50% of all purchases, including tickets to events and raffle tickets, are placed toward your $350 fundraising obligation, unless otherwise indicated.  Similarly, you will earn 50% fundraising credit for the fair market value of any items donated, including raffle prizes, sponsorships, and the cost of hosting sign-up parties.

Please note, for any dollars not raised there will be a financial assessment, and you will be required to pay the difference between the dollars you do raise and the $350 requirement.  Your involvement will help ensure that we meet the budget commitment that the Parent Club has made to the school.

Parent Club Meetings

Parent Club Board meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of each month and are on the school calendar.  They are open to everyone.  Minutes of each meeting are posted to the school website.

Did you know that attending a parent club meeting earns you a “regular” school volunteer hour? Its pays to stay informed and get involved!

Parent Club Board