The New Family Adviser Committee Needs Your Help!
Looking For A Fun And Easy Way To Bank Parent Volunteer Hours Over The Summer?

All new, incoming SI families are assigned a “buddy” family. Volunteering to be a “buddy” to a new family means you will:

1. Send a welcome email over the summer to the new, incoming family. If you’re up for it, coffee dates, park play dates etc are even better.

2.  Check in with your buddy family via email a few months into the school year to see how their transition to St. Ignatius is going.

We match buddies based on the grades of children so you will automatically have something in common with your buddy. Participating in this program usually earns you 3-5 parent volunteer hours.

St. Ignatius is a wonderful community. We need great family’s like you to show our new, incoming families what a special school St. Ignatius is.

Remember, what you put in, you’ll get back in return! We are building our community!

Please reply to Erin Myers if you’d like to be part of the buddy program.

Thank you,

Erin Myers