Super Bowl Pool!!!  Parish Fundraiser

St. Ignatius Parish is holding a “Super Bowl Pool” fundraiser from now until February 2nd. Participants can purchase squares on the Super Bowl points board in hopes of choosing the lucky square. Winners will be chosen based on the score at the end of each quarter.  Squares on the “Kids Board” cost $25 and prizes include a $100 Amazon gift card, Cinemark gift cards, athletic apparel from local Catholic high schools, laser tag passes, free dress, and more.  Squares on the “Adult Board” cost $50 and prizes include golf outings with Fr. Mike, Best Buy gift cards, Emigh Hardware gift cards, tickets to the Magis Dinner, and gift baskets. Squares can be purchased online at or in person after school. Our new novice, Collin Price will be outside the school office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays if you would like to make your purchase in person.  Go NINERS!!  (hard for this Cleveland girl to say that, but they did LOOK GOOD!!)  Collin will also be present at Open House so you will have an opportunity to purchase on that day as well.