Varsity Boys Flag Football (7th/8th grade)
Practice begins 1st day of school 3:30 - 5 at Jesuit!

Boys Flag Football will be practicing at JESUIT HIGH SCHOOL on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 3:30 – 5 pm.

We are grateful to Jesuit High School for providing a field for our Boys Flag Football team to practice.  We are guests of Jesuit High School.  Here is important information regarding our use of Jesuit facilities:   Do NOT use Gordon Lane at any time to access the school.   Enter from Fair Oaks Boulevard at O’Donnell Drive.  As you enter the facility, the road will bring you around the Chapel into the parking lot nearest the Soccer Field.  At the intersection turn right towards the Soccer field and at the last row of the parking lot turn left which will lead to the gate for the field.  Drop-off and pick-up should be done in that last row of the lot by the Soccer field.  Parents may wait if they want but please park in a spot in the row closest to the field.  There are very limited facilities at the Soccer field.