Volunteer Opportunities


Altar Maintenance
Parish Hours Opportunity

The Altar Maintenance Ministry is seeking men and women who will commit to helping care for the sanctuary, candles, holy water fonts, vestibule and sacristy.

Cleaning teams work 1.5 hours a week on either Friday or Saturday after 8 a.m. mass. You many select the month you would like to serve.

Sign-up here.

Please call or e-mail Nancy at (916) 799-1503 or nszy@mac.com for more information or to volunteer.


Volunteer Opportunities
St. Ignatius Parish Mission & Outreach

These volunteer opportunities could be logged for parish hours or regular parent hours on Schoolspeak.  They will not be logged for you, so be sure to enter any hours you work.


Sharing God’s Bounty needs key volunteer positions to be filled in order to continue to run smoothly:


The New Family Adviser Committee Needs Your Help!
Looking For A Fun And Easy Way To Bank Parent Volunteer Hours Over The Summer?

All new, incoming SI families are assigned a “buddy” family. Volunteering to be a “buddy” to a new family means you will:

1. Send a welcome email over the summer to the new, incoming family. If you’re up for it, coffee dates, park play dates etc are even better.

2.  Check in with your buddy family via email a few months into the school year to see how their transition to St. Ignatius is going.


Need Parish Hours?
We Need Your Help On Friday Mornings For 1 Hour!

Earn your Parish Hours (2 required by every family) and help keep our church clean! 

Every Friday, a cleaning team meets at the church from 8:30-9:30.  The work is easy and the team is fun!

If you have a 5th-8th grader, you can go to the 8:00 mass that they attend and then stay after and clean OR grab a Starbucks and come back at 8:30.  

Already done your 2 Parish Hours, hours earned can also go towards your General Parent Hours commitment.


Lunch Supervision Help Needed


We frequently need volunteers to help with supervision during the lunch period from 11:40 am to 12:45 pm. This occurs when our regular staff supervisors are busy with extra duties that impact the lunch period.

If you are willing to be on a distribution list and receive an email from me whenever we need volunteers please let me know.  You can respond to these emails when you are available to help and just delete the emails when you are not available. 

Thank you for considering this option to help at school.


Athletics Volunteer Opportunities

Log-in to Schoolspeak to sign-up for athletic volunteer opportunities on the Athletics Volunteer Calendar. 


Safety Watch Volunteers Needed

Please go online to SchoolSpeak and sign up under the Safety Watch Volunteer Calendar and help with drop-off and pick-up.  We need parents to volunteer and help staff with directing cars and making sure our kids stay safe in the parking lot.