Chess Club Begins Wednesday, August 31

Chess Club is open to students in first through eighth grade.  The club meets every Wednesday during lunch in the primary science classroom.  Students may bring their lunch to the club and eat while the learn and play chess.  No prior experience with chess is required.  The first meeting will be next Wednesday, August 31.  

Chess Club Registration Form

Club Moderator:  Daniel Cretu, danielcretu2000@yahoo.com


Logo-wear Sweatshirt & Sock Orders – Due Sept. 9

The last day to submit your order for form green and grey sweatshirts, along with the new SI Tiger socks will be September 9.  The white socks can be worn as part of the uniform.  The green socks will only be allowed on free dress days.  We have a few sizes and colors in stock, so some orders have been filled and some are out of stock.  Orders can take 2-4 weeks so hopefully we will have everyone’s order by the end of September.  

Two ways to order:


Amazing Grapes is September17, 2016!

Registration- click here

Sponsorships- click here


Order Red and Blue School Sweatshirts

Red and Blue School Sweatshirts may now be purchased online.  There will be a 3% convenience fee for online purchases.

Or, you may submit the attached form to the school office and pay by check.

Sweatshirts will be delivered to students in their classrooms.

Students will need to wear a school sweatshirts in their class photos on Thursday, September 8th.