Happy 4th of July !!

Image of Happy 4th of July !!

Happy 4th of July!!

Support St. Ignatius School AND our Knights of Columbus

15% of your purchase is credited to your fundraising dollars

Scrip is available AT THE BOOTH!!

Purchase your fireworks at our Knights of Columbus Booth in the school parking lot off Arden Way.

Mention St. Ignatius School, your family name, and earn 15% credit towards your goal!!


You Voted And The Votes Are In! The Winner Is…

Image of You Voted And The Votes Are In!  The Winner Is…


Save the date for St. Ignatius’ Free Movie Night

Friday, August 28th 2015 at 5:30PM


SI is Teaming up with the Oakland Raiders

Image of SI is Teaming up with the Oakland Raiders

St. Ignatius Parish School is teaming up with the Oakland Raiders to provide tickets for this year’s Raiders Football season.  A portion of every ticket sold will go towards supporting the St. Ignatius Athletic Program.

That means you get great tickets for a great price…all for a good cause. 

Everyone wins here. If you are a diehard Oakland Raider fan (as if there were any other kind), you don’t want to miss out on these tickets.

Prices vary from $35-$105. Even better, no pesky fees will be charged.


Soccer Registration Now Open!

Image of Soccer Registration Now Open!

Register for the Fall 2015 Soccer Season now! Practice begins in August!​​

$100 registration fee (sibling discounts available) – registration fee does not include uniform.

Registration link:  http://www.sisoccerclub.com/en/left/registration/


Make a difference all year ’round

Become a monthly donor.

You can make a sustainable and lasting gift to the St. Ignatius Parish School by enrolling to make automatic monthly donations via credit card. This is an easy way to make a larger gift over a longer period of time, and to take the worry out of remembering to renew your support.