General information

Extended Services 2020-2021 Fees

TK-8th Extended Day Annual Fees

Before School Only (7am-7:45am):                                      $600
After School Only (2:45pm-6pm):                                       $1700
Before and After School (7am-7:45am & 2:45-6pm):         $1900

Transitional Kindergarten Half Day (7am – 10:45am):        $1450
Transitional Kindergarten Half Day (12pm-3pm):               $1750
Transitional Kindergarten  All Day:                                     $2550 

TK – 8th Occasional Use

$6.00 per hour billed monthly

Preschool Extended Day Annual Fees

3yr old T & Th Before School (7am-8am):   $220
3yr old T & Th After School (12pm-3pm):    $680
3yr old T & Th After School (12pm-6pm):  $1360

4yr old M, W, F Before School (7am-8am):   $330
4yr old M, W, F After School (12pm-3pm):  $1020
4yr old M, W, F After School (12pm-6pm):  $2040

4yr old M-F Before School (7am-8am):    $550
4yr old M-F After School (12pm-3pm):   $1700
4yr old M-F After School (12pm-6pm):   $2550

Preschool Extended Daily Rate

Occasional use 12pm – 3pm:  $15.00 per day
Occasional use 12pm – 6pm:  $22.00 per day


We have again contracted with FACTS Management Company to help us manage our monthly extended care collections.  Families using the monthly plans can pay in one of two ways:

  1. Payment in full at the time of registration.
  2. Ten monthly payments made through the FACTS Payment Plan beginning July, 2020 and ending  April, 2021.  This option is subject to a $45 enrollment fee which will be processed within fourteen days of finalizing the FACTS agreement.  Families who pay this fee for monthly tuition payments will not be assessed a second fee for extended services payments.

Families using the Hourly Fee Plan will receive monthly bills by email with payments made automatically via your FACTS account upon receipt of invoice.