1st Grade Attendance Policy

First Grade 

All school days are mandatory attendance including minimum and special-event days. We strongly recommend that appointments are made outside of school hours, and we expect all vacations to occur during scheduled school -vacation days.  Only absences for illness or a death in the family are excused. Unexcused absences include vacations and extra-curricular activities. For all absences, it is the parents’ responsibility to notify the homeroom teacher and all other special- subject teachers.  When students are not in class for any period of time, they miss instruction, practice, review, labs, projects, and group work.  Some of this work cannot be made up, and missed work will result in lower academic achievement. 

Excused Absences

Absences due to illness or a death in the family will be given a reasonable amount of time to complete missed work, which usually is equal to the number of days absent.

Unexcused Absences

For an unexcused absence,  a parent must  notify the classroom teacher at least one week in advance.  If possible, the classroom teacher will provide the work to be completed during the absence.  It is the student’s responsibility to complete all assigned work. This work is due on the day the student returns. Late work will be penalized. Students will be expected to make up all missed tests on the day they return. Students may be required to complete missed tests and assignments either before or after school.
A continued pattern of unexcused absences may result in lower academic or citizenship grades. A meeting with the principal may be required.