Catholic School Advisory Council Members


      Debbie Broderick

Vice President

Erin Wood


Brian Geremia

Ryan Wilgus


        Babara Ching

         Sarah Colwell

Catholicity/Mission Effectiveness

Michael Fazio


          Michael Stovall

Facilities & Security

         Daniel Baker

Member at Large

         Erin Wood

Faculty Representative

Lisa Hilton

Parent Club Representatives

Jackie Malhotra & Kelly Saccani

Council membership is open to any St. Ignatius parishioner or parent, twenty-one years of age or older, whose children attend the school. Candidates must demonstrate a positive attitude toward the philosophy of St. Ignatius Parish School. Advisory Council shall establish a Nominating Committee composed of the Pastor, Principal, an Advisory Council Member and three appointed members including a member of the Parent Club Executive Committee. The Nominating Committee shall provide a prospective list as a recommendation of candidates to the Advisory Council for final majority vote, and the Pastor’s final approval. The Nominating Committee Chair will contact the prospective Advisory Council candidates for each vacancy. If the candidate accepts the nomination, he/she will be appointed to the Council.

Voting members of the Council include nine appointed school parents. The non-voting members consist of the Pastor of St. Ignatius Parish, the school Principal, the faculty representative, and the representative from the Parent Club.