Parent Hours Requirements

The St. Ignatius Parent Club contract requires that each family complete 25 total parent hours, 15 of which must be associated with a Parent Club Fundraising Event, and 2 of the regular hours must be associated with the Parish.

  • Athletic Hours: Athletic hours count as regular parent hours also. A minimum of 4 hours per family at a “sports related job” (i.e. snack bar, scoring, Pizza days, etc.) is required for each season that a student participates on a team. The maximum number of hours required is 12 hours per school year for each family.  All Athletic hours will be listed on School Speak under the Athletics Volunteer Calendar tab.  Only hours listed on School Speak will be counted for Athletic hours.
  • Event Clean-Up Hours Count Double 
  • Incomplete hours will result in a monetary assessment of $50 per hour for every hour not met by April 15, 2022. 

Sign-Up Calendars:

  • Volunteers will be locked out of all fundraiser/event sign-ups two weeks prior to scheduled activity. In the event that you are unable to fulfill your time shift commitment during the two week lock-out leading up to date of activity, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with the fundraising chair for a substitute to cover the allotted time shift.
  • If you sign-up on a Schoolspeak volunteer calendar and you do not complete the hours that were reserved then you will be assessed $50.00 per hour fee for each service hour missed.

If you have a question about regular hours contact Shelley Smith (sheltzel@hotmail.com). If you have a question about Athletic Hours contact Mike Rosales (MRRosale@egusd.net)