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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The Pollywogs had a wonderful time hunting for potatoes, making leprechauns, playing Hot Potato and eating good food. It was a very “lucky” day!


Preschool Wish List
Pollywogs and Frogs


Above is the brand new Pollywog and Frog link to the Amazon wish list!  

Thank you!


Preschool Bounty Donations Needed
Please send in any toiletry items

Our Parish offers dinner to those who are hungry on the last Wednesday of the month.  Each grade in the school provides donations for those who attend the dinner.  The Preschool classes are asked to bring in toiletries.  Travel sized are preferred but any size will be taken.  Please place your donations in the Bounty Box in the Preschool Classrooms. Thank you for your contributions to this important ministry.