Acadeca Team Rocks!

Congratulations to the St. Ignatius Academic Decathlon Team.

On March 6, this extraordinary team won the Sacramento Diocese Championship for the 14th year in a row! Then on March 13, the team competed on the national level and placed second in the NATION!

Current Events- Anthony Stouder 1st Place (Diocese and National)

English-Aleshanee Santiago 2nd Place (Diocese) and 1st Place (National)

Fine Arts- Kate Maloy 2nd Place (Diocese)

Literature-Irene Cretu 2nd Place (Diocese)

Math-Sofia Contreras 2nd Place (Diocese)

Religion-Ethan Pham 1st Place (Diocese) and 3rd Place (National)

Science-Matthew Gilles 3rd Place (Diocese)

Social Studies – Cooper Zarro- 1st Place (Diocese and National)

Logic and Super Quiz Team Members:

Audrey Preston

Owen Hartono

Super Quiz-2nd Place (Diocese)

Logic Quiz-1st Place (Diocese) 2nd Place (National)