Art Club activities

Wall Muralgeometric graph-paper compositionTissue Paper Mosaic CollagesEmbellished Miniature Christmas Trees Clay Turkey SculpturesPainting Easter TilesArt Club Field Trip to ARC


This year the Art Club continues to meet in the temporary portable buildings (or outdoors when weather permits) while we eagerly await the completion of the new school building with excitement! We started off the year with abstract watercolor washes, tried our hand at eerie charcoal and chalk drawings on black paper in the Fall, got messy with “salted” painting (on the outdoor lunch tables), went “old school” and used rub-on Letraset typesetting techniques to write holiday note cards with a variety of font styles. We were up to our elbows in ribbon and doilies making fancy valentines in Feb, and colorful shamrock mosaics in March.


The 2017-18 Art Club season started with our September meeting doing Polk-a-Dot designs in the style of artist Yayoi Kusama. In October, we painted a garden-themed mural on the temporary construction fence and then the students had-at-it making their mark on the bare wall. It was a really fun way for the students to liven-up that dull temporary work-zone wall!


The 2016-17 Art Club season started with our September meeting, at which the students tried their hand at the paper-folding art of Origami and created colorful Origami “flying birds” which actually flap their wings slightly when gently pulled in just the right spot.


At our October meeting, the Art Club members created Halloween centerpieces with craft foam pumpkins and “scary” paper-bag trees. Back in September, the new school year started off with Art Club members creating whimsical wire sculptures. 


Our end-of-the-year field trip was a wonderful outing to “Create Ceramics” on Arden Way, where the students tried their hand at throwing a pot on a potter’s wheel, and made clay sculptures which were then glazed and fired in the kiln. we continued through the year with more interesting projects such as harvest-themed bean mosaics and Lunar New Year Dragon Puppets. 

At our October meeting, we had fun making Halloween-themed window-clings using clear acetate film, colored glue, yarn and googalie eyes!

In September, Art Club members started off the new school year by making beautiful, intricate graph-paper designs. These geometric, mathematical works of art are colorful, symmetrical compositions that use the elements of balance, repetition, color and shape on a small scale. You just might want to view them with a magnifying glass!


In May, we wrapped up the 2013-14 year with a delicious Root-Beer-Float party! Just the week before that, we went on a very educational field trip to the Art Department at American River College. We toured the Art Gallery and got to see some college students placing their clay pieces into the kiln. We also met the artist of some beautiful public-art mosaics on campus, and viewed other public art around the college, as well. We were even fortunate to have the parent of one of our students who himself is an artist, meet us there and share interesting information about art with us.

At our April Meeting, we painted beautiful Spring-themed designs onto ceramic tiles. In February, we scratched intricate drawings on metalic-backed scratch-art paper.

At the January meeting, Art Club members finished up projects and helped prepare the Art Room for the upcoming Art Show. In December, they strung beads for miniature garlands to decorate tiny Christmas trees, along with sequins, glitter and other embellishments. In addition to our mini trees, some students also made cute little craft foam ornaments. At the November meeting, the Art Club made fun turkey sculptures using hand-building modeling techniques with pottery clay and embellishments. In October, Art Club members focused on the art of Día de los Muertos and made colorful skull decorations. In September, we kicked off the new school year by creating pretty tissue paper mosaic collages. Please join us at our next meeting (see calendar)!

Check out the “Art Club Photo Gallery” to see pictures of these activities as they are posted.