Athletics Forms 2023-24

Each St. Ignatius student planning to participate in a St. Ignatius school sport must have on file in the office their physician signed medical release form and their Athletics Emergency form.  The forms are due prior to tryouts (Girls Volleyball and JV & Varsity basketball) or the first practice for all other sports.   The physician signed medical release form is valid for the entire school year and must be signed after June 15, 2023.   The Athletics Emergency form is completed for each sport in which the student participates.  

St. Ignatius Soccer is not a school sponsored sport and does not require the forms attached.

Fall sports:   Girls Volleyball (5th – 8th grade):  Co-ed Cross Country (5th – 8th grade); Boys Flag Football (7th & 8th grade)

Winter sports:  Basketball (1st – 8th grade)

Spring sports:  Girls Flag Football (7th & 8th grade); Co-ed Track (5th – 8th grade); Boys Volleyball (6th – 8th grade); Co-ed Golf (5th – 8th grade)

For questions about St. Ignatius Athletics contact Athletic Director Lisa Scheider