Missoula Children’s Theatre Needs Your Help!

Dear St. Ignatius School Families,

St. Ignatius School is planning to bring Missoula Children’s Theatre back this year for another fun week, and we are hoping we can count on you to help make sure this happens.

One of the requirements to make sure St. Ignatius can have this experience each year is to provide a place for our visiting directors to stay. If your child is interested in Missoula, and or had a good time performing last year, please consider being the host family for our directors this year, from Sunday, March 1 through Sunday, March 8. Once again, we have a man and a woman directing and we are very excited!

Here is what they need: the directors need to have a home to live in during their stay. They need their own rooms with clean linens and towels, but can share a bathroom. They will need decent cell phone reception, and access to Wifi would be great!  Also, you are not required to feed them (though it might be a nice treat since they don’t get home cooked meals much). There are allergy restrictions, so if you do consider hosting, please email to find out what they are.

If you are interested in hosting the Missoula directors this year, please let Ms. Thompson know as soon as you can. There are many families that can tell you that hosting is a wonderful experience!

To show our gratitude, Ms. Kochis has said that the school will give the host family ten parent hours, reserved seats for the Saturday performance, a $50 gift card for groceries, and your child’s Missoula participation fee will be waived.

Please see the Director’s Bios to the right.

Thank you!