“St. Ignatius school does an excellent job of both modeling and teaching students to be good people while at the same time, expecting each student to do their best academically. The teachers and staff are experts at inspiring and motivating their students to do their best, and are not hesitant to give difficult feedback when a student is not meeting their potential or doing their best work. By the time the students reach the upper grades they are driving themselves and supporting each other in meeting the dual expectations of doing well individually as well as doing their best academically.”

Anonymous Parent Survey Comment, May 2019 

“We were incredibly impressed with everyone we met and I was in awe of the fantastic teaching we saw.  We are thrilled to know that Jack and Hadley and our family will be a part of the St. Ignatius community.

Angela Harger,” 
‘18-’19 S.I. Parent,
Jesuit High School Counselor

“Hi Katrena,

I just wanted to thank you again for allowing Ava to shadow 4th Grade on Friday!  She loved the experience with her future classmates, she saw a real difference in the way the kids interacted with her & each other, they were all so kind & welcoming!  Ava is excited to start 5th Grade now!  I too had a very warm welcome from Mrs. Reeves in the office as she heard that Ava was a new student in her sons class, we feel so good about our decision to join the SI family.  I picked up my packet of info from Judy & she was also very kind to offer Ava a jumper & sweatshirt from the uniform exchange to get us started, we are so grateful.  

Just to give you some feedback, it was difficult to actually decide to leave the only school our children have ever known but,  the whole experience from our first phone call with you to this final shadow day has been everything a prospective family would need to help make their decision about your school.  You stand out in a very positive way compared to our other experiences in this process & I thought you should know you are doing a great job representing your school, the staff have all been warm and went beyond for us and the parents & coaches that represent your school have all really impressed us.  We couldn’t be happier to be one of your families!

Thank you & have a great summer,
Tiffany” , 
‘18-’19 S.I. Parent


“Dear St. Ignatius Staff,

We cannot express in words the gratitude we feel for welcoming, educating, and caring for Madeline and Sophie this year.  We are beyond thankful for the time and energy each and every one of you took to make them feel as if they had been part of the S.I. family from the start.  Watching our girls blossom and thrive this year is all because of the amazing climate, expectations, spirituality, and accountability you have created here.  We are so proud to be part of the S.I. community and family.  Thank you and enjoy some well deserved time off this summer!

God Bless,”
The Fahey Family, ‘16-’17″


“Dear Ms. Kochis,

St. Ignatius really prepared me for High School.  I really buckled down Junior and Senior years and I wouldn’t have done nearly as well without the foundation I got at S.I. You were a part of that foundation so most of all, thank you for helping set me up for success later in life.

An S.I. Alum, Class of 2013