Covid Protocols

Updated on 10-25-22

The following protocols are per Diocesan and County guidelines.

Faculty & Staff

Covid vaccinations for faculty and staff must be tracked by administration, including boosters. 

Students, Faculty, and Staff Who Test Positive

  • When a student, faculty, or staff member tests positive, please contact Patty Kochis (916-335-2954) or Katrena Paine (916-261-9902).  You may call or text.  Please do not email.
  • We will ask for the date you tested positive or when symptoms began and answer any questions you may have.
  • Individuals who test positive must stay home for at least 5 days and may resume normal activities after Day 5 with a negative test result or on Day 11. 
  • If an individual returns on day 6-10, he/she must wear a well-fitting mask around others in indoor settings.
  • When the positive case returns, he/she will need to bring the completed/signed  Attestation form from the County.   The Attestation form can be found on our website and on Schoolspeak.  
  • We will keep the Attestation forms in the office (confidential file) as evidence that we are following County protocol.

Parent or Family Member Test Positive

  • When a parent or family member tests positive, your child(ren) may still attend school.  We ask that you monitor your child for symptoms.  As long as your child remains asymptomatic, he/she may continue to attend school.  Only if the parent or family member was on campus 48hrs. previously to testing positive, do we ask you to contact us so that we can alert the community of an exposure.  Your identity will remain confidential.   Parents may call Patty Kochis (916) 335-2954 or Katrena Paine (916) 261-9902  if they have any questions.